About Us

About B. Global

We bring the World to you!

Our Company

B. Global is one of the leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) & Telecom service providers, serving public and commercial enterprise businesses for more than 25 years.

Established in 1991 in Kuwait, B. Global was the first to provide internet services in the Gulf region. B. Global is a dynamic and an agile company that strives to provide its customers with a great service and quality support.Over the years, B. Global have focused its efforts on improving the infrastructure, products and services by constantly seeking the latest developments and advancement in the technology. B. Global is a pioneer in bringing the best-in-class services and solutions to the Gulf region and uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Our Vision

Your Global Reach is Our Business

By leveraging our secure, reliable and intelligent networks, you can grow your business internationally to offer your business a brilliant and digitally connected future. Ways to improve our customer service standards is a constant obsession amongst our B. Global staff.

Our Global Network

Trending on the latest Next Generation Network technology, the global 100G backbone network of B. Global is constructed over fiber with high-speed connectivity to Transit partner providers and multiple blend of IP Peers, IXPs, CDNs over Multiple diverse carriers, and thus provides resilience, complete end-to-end diversity and redundancy.

Our Best-in-class network infrastructure ensures the service stability by serving mission critical networks with high availability, while enriching along with the evolving Network and security trend.

Our international gateways with its strategically placed nodes utilize the diverse submarine and terrestrial fiber optic network routes, thus making it possible for us to provide guaranteed data and Internet traffic to our global and regional partners.

Our diversified network capabilities allow our clients and partners to be connected at all times via alternate routes during emergencies or outages.

To fulfill our commitment, B. Global has always carefully engaged in strong partnership with trusted industry leaders thus providing a superior, resilient and diversified connectivity to meet our enterprise customer demands. By utilizing these well-established networks we are able to ensure seamless data transmission and further allowing our clients to reach the world through our international partnership.

Our Strength

We strive to provide a differentiated service to our customers through

  • Unparalleled customer experience
  • A comprehensive integrated network service
  • Remarkable people who always deliver

Our Value Proposition

  • Trusted communications provider with Local & International capabilities with more than
  • 25 years of experience & Innovation
  • Strategic International partnership & alliance
  • Diversified & redundant routes
  • Variety of last mile with wired and wireless media access
  • Full-fledged NOC
  • Complex end-to-end network solutions
  • Proven ability to manage mission critical defense network
  • Regular solution case studies through research & analysis in accordance to market trend & forecast


We offer a suite of services & integrated solutions in network, voice, datacenter & ICT services to large corporations, Government & Defense, Small & Medium enterprises, Carriers & network operators, through our integrated, scalable & interoperable network assets to establish processes and systems that deliver reliable & resiliency services across geographical boundaries and technologies. Assist enterprises achieve their goals by eliminating complex deliverables & offering an integrated data, voice, business continuity (datacenter) and ICT services, thus becoming the leading next generation enabled delivery platform.

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